Our Mission, Vision and Values


“Empowering women as they reconnect with their mind, body, & intimate relationship”.


Creating a community where comprehensive sexual health care is an established component of a woman’s whole-person wellness care.


Our passion is guiding women as they reconnect their minds/bodies/spirits to reclaim their intimate relationships through a cancer diagnosis or chronic health condition. We provide evidence-based sexual health education, solution-focused interventions, intimacy counseling, and advocacy.

Core Values

  • We believe communication with our clients and community represents the highest standards of professionalism, ethical behavior, confidentiality, respect, and dignity.
  • We believe sexual health and relational intimacy are core elements of an individual’s physical/mental health and quality of life.
  • We believe ongoing engagement with individuals and the community will foster the understanding that sexual health needs of various populations differ by age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, spirituality/religion, education and income levels, personal values, emotional health, and physical ability.

Executive Director/Senior Clinician

Traci A. Owen, RN, BSN, CSC, SE
AASECT Certified Sexuality Counselor

Practice Management:

Michael C. Owen, NRP

Traci is an expert in her field for the care of her patients

With nearly four decades of unwavering dedication to healthcare in Tulsa, Traci Owen is a beacon of compassion and expertise. In 2009, she entered the field of oncology care, where she supported countless patients through the challenges of cancer treatment. In 2015, recognizing a significant gap in oncology sexual health care & education, she established a pioneering sexual health program within her facility. Her dedication and expertise culminated in her prestigious AASECT Certification as a Sexuality Counselor and Educator in 2020. In 2021, in collaboration with her husband, she founded Intimate Pathways in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, where she serves as Executive Director and a member of the Board of Directors. Traci’s journey embodies healing hearts and nurturing intimate connections, weaving a profound tapestry of care, education, and advocacy into her impactful career.

Our society gives us mixed and confusing messages about sex. We often don’t talk openly about it. We know the slang words but not how our bodies work. When we’re young, we’re taught more about making babies than having a healthy and enjoyable sex life. Many parents avoid talking about it, and some people learn about sex from things like pornography, which can give the wrong idea.

At Intimate Pathways, we build a professional partnership with our clients, creating a safe environment for individuals or couples to discuss intimacy, sexual function, and sexuality in the context of challenges like cancer, chronic health issues, and life transitions. In a society filled with mixed sexual messages and unrealistic expectations, we recognize that our bodies undergo constant changes throughout our lives, affecting our sexual experiences as we age.

Our mission is to assist our clients as they navigate these transitions. We provide accurate education and evidence-based recommendations to address their concerns. We approach our work collaboratively, working alongside other healthcare professionals to help clients achieve their goals.

I want to help people understand their bodies and have healthy, happy relationships. That’s why I became a sex counselor. Talking openly about these things is important for better, more satisfying lives.

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