Did you know?


80% of women with breast, ovarian, uterine, cervical, vaginal, vulvar, bladder or rectal cancers will incur sexual body system side effects from their treatments.

77% of those women will never receive ANY form or sexual health care or education from their oncology team.

We are here to walk beside you on your oncology journey.

You are NOT alone! 

Research tells us that issues related to the intimate relationship and sexual experience rate in the top 3 concerns voiced by cancer patients, both during their treatment phase and into the time of Survivorship.

In the early phase of diagnosis and treatment, patients tell me that “sex is the last thing on my mind.” I absolutely get that. I want to empower you to care for your sexual body so that when you are ready to return to a sexually intimate relationship, your body can accommodate this without pain or anxiety. 

You and your relationship are important! Cancer robs too much from your life to also surrender your relational connection and sexual intimacy as well. 

I want to walk this journey with you as an oncology nurse, a relationship advocate, and a sexual health professional. You do not have to figure this out alone!

Common Sexual Body Concerns Associated with Cancer Treatment

  • Premature Menopause
  • Decrease Or Loss In Sexual Desire
  • Negative Body Image
  • Vulvovaginal Dryness/Itching
  • Painful Intercourse
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Bowel And/Or Bowel Disturbance

We're Here to Help.