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Empowering women to reconnect to their
mind, body, &
intimate relationship.

Who We Are

A non-profit center providing sexual health care, counseling, education, and advocacy for women and their partners impacted by cancer and other chronic health challenges.

Services We Offer


As we move through life, our bodies change. A lot of those changes in either sex surround sexual wellness. Both genders experience a range of common concerns and chronic illnesses that should be cared for. Whether it's erectile dysfunction or the impacts of menopause, Intimate Pathways can help.


Changes to our body bring changes to our mind. We may be experiencing confidence issues around sex, we may be experiencing issues with changes in sexual desire amidst a hard diagnosis, or even just need reassurance on how to approach the topic of sex with your partner. We can help you get there.


Intimate Pathways exists to help our community find the reconnection with their body, mind, and soul. And through that connection we maintain the highest levels of privacy and dignity for each of our patients with these sensitive subjects. Your soul will be protected with us, especially when you are at your most vulnerable.


Connection is the most important part of sexual wellness. Whether it's connection with yourself as you navigate a new journey of life, or a connection with your partner of many years. Intimate Pathways help relationships flourish through change and learn more about each other at every step of the process.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Traci Owen is a bright spot during dark times. She is very knowledgeable in what she does and puts you at ease. When I was first diagnosed my husband and I were lost in everything cancer affects, but Traci was able to help us maneuver the murky waters and stay connected as a couple. She truly cares for her patients. Our journey would have been completely different if we had not been able to meet with Traci. I highly recommend Traci for anyone going through the trials of a cancer diagnosis.

What Traci brings to a couple working through a cancer diagnosis is of extraordinary value. Our first visit with Traci was un-nerving as talking about intimate issues with strangers is not something we are comfortable with. But Traci's approach, attitude, and genuine interest in our total wellbeing helped quickly move past our reservations. Fighting cancer takes a serious mental and physical toll on bodies and relationships. While Traci may not be attacking the cancer cells directly, her expertise helps build the mental and relational stamina needed to fight the fight as a couple... making the fight worthwhile, less fatiguing, and more rewarding. Having Traci on our team has been a blessing we never knew we needed... We're thankful for Traci's contribution in our ongoing fight and consider her a friend.

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