8 Steps to the Best Sensual Massage

Let’s continue our exploration of couples sensual massage. We are talking about connecting the senses and sensual experiences between lovers. It is about slowing down to savor the love we make together. It is about the intimacy of lovers being shared as both learn to give and receive pleasure.  Step 1: Create a sensual space. […]

Sensual Massage – Awaken your Senses

Sensual Massage – Awakening your senses and feeling all the feels! We have been given an extraordinary sensorial body. We have feel good zones from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet. We have the senses of vision, smell, taste, hearing, touch, and, dare I add, imagination. Western culture life is […]

Sensual Massage – What the heck is it?

Sensual massage is NOT about working out your stress knots & injury kinks.  It IS about working on some different, uhmmm kinks. Sensual massage has been part of human culture for more than 1,500 years and you can find its roots in the Eastern cultures. This type of massage is about the couple learning to […]

Experiential Intimacy: Part 5 of the Relational Intimacy Series

Experiential Intimacy is seen in couples who actively engage in the relationship through common hobbies, social activities, community service opportunities, and shared recreational activities. The experiences of a shared journey are found in the births, deaths, milestones, firsts, lasts, accomplishments, and defeats of life. The couple seeks recreational time together which is mutually pleasurable. This does […]

Spiritual Intimacy: Part 4 of the Relational Intimacy Series

Spiritual Intimacy is about learning to connect with your mate through your faith and spiritual beliefs. It is important to know where you both stand in relation to your spiritual beliefs. If your spiritual values are different, it will be valuable to find the common ground of shared values. If connecting to your mate via a […]

Intellectual Intimacy: Part 3 of the Relational Intimacy Series

Intellectual Intimacy occurs when two people can openly exchange thoughts and share ideas – they are connected brain-to-brain. Opinions, even those one or the other may not agree with, can be stated, discussed, and acknowledged without fear of judgement or ridicule. An intellectually intimate couple will seek to understand their mate’s individual life goals/hopes/dreams and provide […]

Emotional Intimacy: Part 2 of our Relational Intimacy Series

Emotional Intimacy is the greatest need in a marriage and what binds us together through the celebrations and the trials. We all seek to feel wholly accepted, trusted, respected, worthy, and adored inside the heart of our mate. An emotionally intimate relationship occurs when mutual trust and two-way communication encourages mutual sharing of each other’s innermost selves without embarrassment, criticism, […]

Relational Intimacy – The 7 Realms

If there is one relationship topic that we could all spend more time intentionally exploring, it would be Relational Intimacy.  I’m not talking the hot, steamy, volatile Hollywood relationship….stay with me here! The intimacy I’m talking about is the binding goo of a relationship where both partners feel seen, to their core, through eyes of grace and committed love.  […]

Navigating Transitions: A Marriage Learning How to Manage Erectile Dysfunction

Today I am going to share with you a piece of Ted and Lila’s journey as they sought support to maintain physical and sexual intimacy since Ted had developed erectile dysfunction.  Initially, Lila is the one who scheduled the appointment. She came across my website one night while scrolling through social media and was intrigued […]

Lifestyle and Erectile Dysfunction

Lifestyle and Erectile Dysfunction – Week 2 In last week’s blog, I opened conversation regarding the prevalence of erectile dysfunction. If you missed Erection at the Dysfunction Junction, you may read it here. This week I want to focus on lifestyle habits that support a strong body and mind, which in turn leads to improved erectile response […]