Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction? A Sex Professional Says:

Erectile Dysfunction Shown as a Banana with a Stethoscope

Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction, The Statistics: 30 MILLION MEN in the United States are affected with some level of erectile dysfunction 26% of those men are under the age of 40! Erectile Dysfunction will impact 10% of men per decade of life, meaning 40% of men in their 40’s, 50% of men in their 50’s, […]

Embracing the Talk – Exploring Sexual Wants and Needs with your Mate

Couples often do not know where to start a conversation related to their sexual wants and needs. Who can blame any of us for struggling to talk about a topic that is so socially loaded with innuendo, myth, shame, taboo, smoke, and mirrors? As I am writing this first paragraph, I reflect on my own […]

Come on by, let’s talk: Curious Questions

Professionally, I am a Registered Nurse, Certified Sexuality Counselor, and Sexuality Educator. In 38 years of serving humanity in a variety of healthcare roles, I could fill bank vaults with the stories folks have shared with me about their own life’s journey. Some of those stories have been deathbed confessions that have never been shared […]