Spiritual Intimacy: Part 4 of the Relational Intimacy Series

Spiritual Intimacy is about learning to connect with your mate through your faith and spiritual beliefs. It is important to know where you both stand in relation to your spiritual beliefs. If your spiritual values are different, it will be valuable to find the common ground of shared values.

If connecting to your mate via a spiritual pathway feels awkward or uncomfortable, please know you are not alone. A lot of vulnerability and trust is required to access this most deep form of intimacy. Acknowledge the feelings. Extend mercy and encourage to each other in your growth. 

A great place to start is by sharing prayer for each other and the marriage each day. If one person is more comfortable with shared prayer, let them lead as you establish a new habit. Shared prayer has been shown to facilitate intimacy, vulnerability, and trust. 

Faith based teachings play a role in shaping our moral compass and who we want to be in the world. It is often through these teachings that we learn about the power of granting forgiveness, receiving forgiveness, and serving others. It is common for a couples that serve together to feel deeper gratitude to the blessings of their own life. 

The spiritually intimate couple invites God into the blessing and mess of their marriage. Pride tempts us to hide our struggles from our mate and from the Lord. When we accept that the human experience is often messy and imperfect, we can embrace mercy and tenderness for each other and ourselves. 

Spiritual love is a willingness to give of yourself on behalf of another, as Christ has done for us. It is two servants who love the Lord, love each other, and are committed to facing the journey bound together in faith.

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