Sensual Massage – Awakening your senses and feeling all the feels!

We have been given an extraordinary sensorial body. We have feel good zones from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet. We have the senses of vision, smell, taste, hearing, touch, and, dare I add, imagination.

Western culture life is always rushing along and has become very breast,genital, and intercourse focused, which means we miss out on so many whole being pleasure experiences. The typical American couple have shared sexual experiences that last from 3-13 minutes, It takes the average American woman 13.5 minutes to reach orgasm. UMMMM read that one again. Sensual massage is about really slowing down and taking the intentional time to really connect to our mate emotionally, physically, and sensually.

Let’s set the stage for a sensorial festival!

  1. Vision – low mood lighting, take a turn using a blind-fold and let your imagination “see”, candles, uncluttered environment, eye gazing, watching a partner experience pleasure, etc.
  2. Smell – the smells of nature, the smell of your mate after a shower, the smell of combined bodies, exotic massage oils, your mates raw & natural pheromones, etc.
  3. Hearing – low mood music, turn off all electronic distractions, sounds of low murmuring with desire, the sound of your partner’s breathing & heartbeat, the sounds of skin moving against skin, the sound of a partner experiencing pleasure, etc. 
  4. Taste – sweetness, saltiness, tastebud enticement.
  5. Touch – get in touch with your erogenous zones, those are feel good spots on our body. Think about the scalp, neck, ears, mouth, lips, clavicles, armpits, low back, inner thighs….Im sure you can imagine a few others on your own body. 

Think about ways to incorporate different types of touch, the sensations of feathers, cold metal, soft leather, silk, stone, heat, cold, oils, varied pressures, sharp, nibbling, caressing, rubbing, kissing, forearms, body on body….limitless. 

Read more about erogenous zones here: 

Check back tomorrow and let’s keep exploring this idea of sensual massage. I don’t know about you, but I think a couples guided sensual massage class is in order!!!