Intellectual Intimacy: Part 3 of the Relational Intimacy Series

Intellectual Intimacy occurs when two people can openly exchange thoughts and share ideas – they are connected brain-to-brain. Opinions, even those one or the other may not agree with, can be stated, discussed, and acknowledged without fear of judgement or ridicule. An intellectually intimate couple will seek to understand their mate’s individual life goals/hopes/dreams and provide encouragement and empowerment to make them happen. They share a similar approach to life, basic values, and attitudes, and they enjoy sharing those conversations. 

When my husband I and were first learning about the other, I relished in the wide array of discussions we shared. We could, and often did, talk late into the nights. It was stimulating and always felt like an important exchange of ideas, experiences, and thoughts. Truly it was one of the first characteristics of us that I fell in love with. Every time we find our way through a sticky discussion with grace and respect, I fall in love a little deeper. The brain-to-brain connection is so powerful. 

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