In the early stages of erectile challenges, how a couple establishes communication around the issue is so very important….even if it feels awkward. I want to share some tips to help you lean-in to the discussion together. 

 When a man is in a committed relationship, ED impacts both partners and the longer it goes unaddressed the harder it is to start a conversation. 

  1. Never start a sexualy focused conversation in the bedroom, or after a difficult sexual encounter.
  2. Schedule a date with your mate to talk about your sexual worries. 
  3. Make notes so that you have a guide to follow in case you get nervous.
  4. Create a private space for safe conversation without distraction (electronics, humans).
  5. Create an environment where both partners can feel relaxed. Bring your notes. Allow time for both partners to not feel rushed in the discussion. Speak about what you value about the shared sexual relationship and your current sexual worries. Make a plan together that includes a physical evaluation, investigation of various treatment options, and exploration of alternative ways to share sexual pleasure. 
  6. Visit your primary healthcare provider or urologist for evaluation as a couple. Be prepared to speak about the onset of symptoms, your ability to obtain an erection, ability to maintain an erection, orgasm, ejaculation, and your urinary system function. The provider will review your medications, health history, current health, and lifestyle habits seeking explanation for the ED. 
  7. There are many treatment options for ED – penile constriction loops, penile pumps, medications, penile injections, ultrasound, & penile implants. Do your own research before the appointment so you know about these options and can engage in conversation with your provider. 
  8. Sometimes couples need more support than a simple office visit with their provider can resolve. This is where seeking the help of a sexual health expert can help the couple adapt to the body changes, recommended treatments, and find news ways of sharing intimacy/sexuality no matter the erection response. 

Many men struggle to imagine how they can be a valiant lover without a reliable erection.

Tomorrow, let’s talk about some traits that folks attribute to marvelous lovers. You might be surprised at what makes the list…..and what does not!

If you have any questions that I can answer for you now, please contact me!