Navigating Transitions: A Marriage Learning How to Manage Erectile Dysfunction

Today I am going to share with you a piece of Ted and Lila’s journey as they sought support to maintain physical and sexual intimacy since Ted had developed erectile dysfunction.  Initially, Lila is the one who scheduled the appointment. She came across my website one night while scrolling through social media and was intrigued […]

Six Gadgets and Gizmos to Support Erectile Dysfunction

In last week’s blog, I opened conversation regarding the lifestyle choices that may be impacting your erectile health. If you missed Erection at Dysfunction Junction, or Lifestyle and Erection Dysfunction, you may read it here. This week we are going to explore the primary treatment options available to men, both non-prescriptive and prescriptive. When a […]

Lifestyle and Erectile Dysfunction

Lifestyle and Erectile Dysfunction – Week 2 In last week’s blog, I opened conversation regarding the prevalence of erectile dysfunction. If you missed Erection at the Dysfunction Junction, you may read it here. This week I want to focus on lifestyle habits that support a strong body and mind, which in turn leads to improved erectile response […]

Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction? A Sex Professional Says:

Erectile Dysfunction Shown as a Banana with a Stethoscope

Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction, The Statistics: 30 MILLION MEN in the United States are affected with some level of erectile dysfunction 26% of those men are under the age of 40! Erectile Dysfunction will impact 10% of men per decade of life, meaning 40% of men in their 40’s, 50% of men in their 50’s, […]

Embracing the Talk – Exploring Sexual Wants and Needs with your Mate

Couples often do not know where to start a conversation related to their sexual wants and needs. Who can blame any of us for struggling to talk about a topic that is so socially loaded with innuendo, myth, shame, taboo, smoke, and mirrors? As I am writing this first paragraph, I reflect on my own […]

Come on by, let’s talk: Curious Questions

Professionally, I am a Registered Nurse, Certified Sexuality Counselor, and Sexuality Educator. In 38 years of serving humanity in a variety of healthcare roles, I could fill bank vaults with the stories folks have shared with me about their own life’s journey. Some of those stories have been deathbed confessions that have never been shared […]