10 Tips on being a great lover – even with Erectile Dysfunction

It is the age-old question…what does it take to be a good lover?  When a man begins to develop erectile loss due to age, chronic health issues, mental health issues, medications, lifestyle choices, etc, this question takes on a whole new meaning.  Men voice worries that the size of their penis, their ability to obtain […]

Erectile Dysfunction: Why Don’t We Talk About it?

What I have learned in working with men, and their partners, who are facing erectile challenges is that talking about it, with a partner or healthcare provider, can feel awkward, vulnerable, and embarrassing. Additionally, I have learned that without open, honest, and vulnerable conversation, both will likely get caught up in negative thought loops that […]

Navigating Transitions: A Marriage Learning How to Manage Erectile Dysfunction

Today I am going to share with you a piece of Ted and Lila’s journey as they sought support to maintain physical and sexual intimacy since Ted had developed erectile dysfunction.  Initially, Lila is the one who scheduled the appointment. She came across my website one night while scrolling through social media and was intrigued […]

Six Gadgets and Gizmos to Support Erectile Dysfunction

In last week’s blog, I opened conversation regarding the lifestyle choices that may be impacting your erectile health. If you missed Erection at Dysfunction Junction, or Lifestyle and Erection Dysfunction, you may read it here. This week we are going to explore the primary treatment options available to men, both non-prescriptive and prescriptive. When a […]

Lifestyle and Erectile Dysfunction

Lifestyle and Erectile Dysfunction – Week 2 In last week’s blog, I opened conversation regarding the prevalence of erectile dysfunction. If you missed Erection at the Dysfunction Junction, you may read it here. This week I want to focus on lifestyle habits that support a strong body and mind, which in turn leads to improved erectile response […]