Let’s continue our exploration of couples sensual massage. We are talking about connecting the senses and sensual experiences between lovers. It is about slowing down to savor the love we make together. It is about the intimacy of lovers being shared as both learn to give and receive pleasure. 

Step 1: Create a sensual space. Options: mood lighting, smell good candles, rose petals, uncluttered and clean space, security and privacy, background music, fresh water, massage oils, towels, pillows, manage temperature, and whatever else feels good to you.

Step 2: Prepare your body – alone or together. A warm shower or bath helps to relax tension in mind and body. Stretching out your body together can be very sensual. 

Step 3: Connect your souls with a heart connect exercise. NEED TO INSERT A HANDOUT!

Step 4: Choose who will be the first giver and the first receiver. The roles can switch after 20 minutes, longer if desired. The receiver begins by laying on their stomach. Get comfy

Step 5: Begin by using your hands to create slow, light, energy exchanging touch. Remember that the more you both relax the more intensely you feel sensations. (yummy!)

Step 6: Avoid breast and genital touch for at least the first 15 minutes of sensual massage. Remember we are warming up and being curious about all the erogenous zones. When you do enter these zones, keep your touch whisper light and don’t dally!

Step 7: Use your imagination!!! But slowly.

Step 8: When you arrive at the end of the experience, make sure to allow some snuggle time as the final honor to your lover. Now wear that smile proudly!!!

Closing thoughts: 

We are closing out this blog piece, but the topic will continue to resurface. We are preparing a Couple Sensual Massage course for the Fall. Please leave your email if you would like to be notified when more information and enrollment is open.